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Oil: The next generation

​From concrete to medicines, clean energy to space-age materials: how the innovations emerging from the oil and gas industry are key catalysts for achieving balanced, sustainable growth in a fast-changing world.


Delivering under pressure

Non-metallics are ushering in a revolution in the application of petrochemicals and transforming oil industry infrastructure in the process.

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Evolution through innovation

Innovation that spans the entire value chain is key to success in the oil & gas industry.

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New developments in hydrocarbons will shape the cities of the future

From incorporating CO2 into concrete to recyling carbon emissions from construction vehicles, exciting developments in hydrocarbons will play a key role in shaping the cities of the future


How the internal combustion engine is key to the transport of tomorrow

Advances in fuel-powered engines are forcing a rethink about vehicle emissions solutions and the transport of tomorrow


The race for industry-leading efficiency

By applying cutting-edge technologies and harnessing the powers of Industry 4.0, the energy industry is achieving improvements in recovery rates that promise widespread benefits

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It’s urban life, Jim, but not as we know it

Cities consume over two-thirds of the world’s energy and the construction industry accounts for 39% of all carbon emissions globally. However, leading energy major Aramco is developing innovative solutions around carbon capture technology that will help shape sustainable cities of the future

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The science of emission reduction

The oil and gas industry is hyper-focused on innovating the cleanest, most efficient ways to power the world during the energy transition.

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Supporting balanced growth in a developing post-pandemic world

Continued access to ample, affordable and reliable sources of energy will be fundamental to ensuring emerging economies industrialise equitably.

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